Type of servicePrice (begin with)
Landing page100$
Site design150$
Mobile app design200$
Internet banners15$
Power Point Presentation30$
A4 leaflet (one-sided)30$
A4 leaflet (two-sided)40$
A5 Booklet (A4 with one fold)30$
A4 Booklet (with two folds)30$
A4 booklet (with three folds)30$
A5 brochure30$
A4 brochure (A3 with one fold)30$
A4 brochure30$
Book or magazine cover30$
Poster advertising format A230$
Calendar poster A230$
A3 calendar30$
A1 calendar30$
Calendar quarterly A430$
Pocket calendar15$
Sign design with logo creation20$ + logo price
Signboard design based on the finished logo20$
Billboard design30$
Form style70$
Given list is not complete, any additions must be discussed personally with the designer.